don't sell your heart don't say we're not meant to be //


Okay so since I officially graduated high school last thursday and I felt it necessary to recognize everyone who have made me feel like I belong (or you know, your blog is so amazing i’m intimidated??).  Some of you I have been following since the start of my blog - literally I went back and I never realized how long we’ve been following each other, and some of you i’ve just met recently.  I know I probably annoy the heck out of all of you, but I just wanted you to know how much I love you all.  I’m never good with talking to people so it’s hard for me to even build up the courage to come to someone’s askbox because I spend forever trying to think of something witty to say. I know i’m also not the best at replying to messages.. Basically I admire most of you from afar. Yes so blah blah blah more sap and stuff I JUST WANTED A NEW FOLLOW FOREVER and to personally thank all of you for making my dash the best. (i would also like to personally apologize for hopping from fandom to fandom a;lskdjfo)

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