don't sell your heart don't say we're not meant to be //

Z: so, i got a letter. it was mailed to me. it had my address so i’m like “ok rock and roll”. it’s from a fan in thailand i’m like “ok, cool” so i open this up, it begins: “hello justin bieber. my name is caleb and i’m eleven years old and i’m from new zealand" but he lives in thailand and i’m like "that’s a very nice letter, caleb, i appreciate that. i am not the biebs." however, i felt that only appropriate to write him a letter..
G: oh you wrote back even though you’re not justin?
Z: well, i think, you know what i mean, he doesn’t know he’s not makig into justin and i don’t want his feelings to get hurt in any way, shape or form. i’m sure justin got my letter and i don’t know what justin’s doing with that, so.. this is my response letter: “dearest fan, dearest caleb" oh he says justin, cause i wanted to write as justin, he says he’s got a great voice and justin bieber’s got a great voice. so, "dearest fan”, writing as justin here, “i know i have a great voice. thanks. thanks for mentioning it. what do you think of my hair? you know who is a really good singer? that guy from that disney cartoon classic ‘tangled’ i forget his name. but he is also so handsome, he is soo handsome. i might have to write a song about him. he’s on that great show ‘Chuck’ that’s moving to friday nights this fall. you should set your DVR right now. you have to listen to me, i’m justin effin’ bieber

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